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[BERKELEY, May 21, 2020]

Masks2All, a recently formed non-profit, has one mission—to provide two masks to every individual experiencing homelessness, beginning in Berkeley and Oakland, and then expanding to the broader Bay Area.

People who are unhoused are disproportionately impacted by infectious diseases and structural barriers prevent their ability to safely shelter in place.


These circumstances place unsheltered members of our community among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Moreover, people who are unhoused now face further troubling realities; without masks, they must be wary of citations from the government and are not able to enter stores to buy essential supplies.


Recognizing the impact that one mask can make, a team of six friends organized to obtain large quantities of masks for distribution. And by collaborating with the Berkeley Outreach Coalition, they were able to make their mission a reality. 

Berkeley Outreach Coalition has been actively working and forming mutual relationships with unhoused residents of Berkeley. Thus far, they have been consistently providing hygiene kits, wound care supplies, food, water, clothes, and educational material about COVID-19. With their partnership, our masks were distributed during their weekly outreach efforts as well as at shower stations. 

Masks2All hopes to expand their efforts to be able to provide masks to Berkeley shelters and Oakland communities with the support of their ongoing GoFundMe campaign. 

Please support this project as it means they can make more free masks for 14,000 of our neighbors who are one of the most vulnerable populations, and especially as masks are mandatory even in some public spaces.

Click through to the Masks2All Go Fund Me campaign >

Examples of the Mask Kits made onsite by Berkeley Free Clinic with Masks2All masks!  1600 masks were donated to the Berkeley Outreach Coalition by Masks2All.  We are actively distributing 2 masks per person to 800 unsheltered members of the Berkeley community.